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3 Dev Archetypes Quiz
What’s your Developer Archetype?
Welcome! This quiz will help you pinpoint which Developer Archetype aligns closest with your professional approach. Select the answer that feels most representative of you to guide your journey to discovery. Have fun!

What is the driving force behind your work?*

When facing a complex problem, what is your usual approach?

When managing a project, what do you prioritize?

How do you feel about project risks?

What best describes your feelings about change and new ideas in your projects?

The Visionary
You are The Visionary! You thrive on innovation and have a natural talent for foreseeing future trends and technological advancements. You are passionate about creating a visionary impact and are always seeking to adopt new trends to maintain a competitive edge. One area to be mindful of is ensuring that you don't overlook the practical aspects of bringing your grand ideas to fruition.

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The Executor
You are The Executor! Efficiency and effectiveness define your work ethic. You hold a core desire to see plans executed successfully and fear inefficiency and unmet goals. Your strategy involves streamlining processes to guarantee productive outputs. However, be careful not to focus so heavily on results that you miss opportunities for innovation.

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The Mentor
You are The Mentor! Empowering and elevating others is what you find most rewarding. You possess a keen talent for fostering growth and nurturing a learning culture. While your greatest fear is failing to inspire growth in others, be cautious not to sacrifice too much of your own goals in the process of mentoring.

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