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I'm Troy Larson

—cloud architect, code enthusiast, and a guiding force for developers on the cusp of executive leadership. At troylarson.com, I merge the worlds of technology and CEO strategy to empower your journey from the server room to the boardroom.

My Pollexy Project on Amazon

First-place trophy at the Amazon Web Services Science Fair for his pioneering Pollexy Project—a voice assistant for special needs communication.

Crafting my Own Legacy

With over 35 years of comprehensive experience in the tech industry, my leadership expertise spans from directing operations at industry giants such as Amazon Web Services and Ford Motor Company to catalyzing growth at cutting-edge tech ventures.

My professional path represents not merely a collection of roles but embodies my dedication to visionary leadership and the transformative power of tech. As a parent to five children, one of whom faces the challenges of severe autism, I have personally witnessed the profound impact of technology on human lives. This experience led to the birth of Pollexy—a testament to merging technological innovation with compassion and understanding.

As the incumbent CEO of The Unique VA Experience , my background enriches my role, combining seasoned development skills with strategic leadership.

My aspiration is to witness developers rise to become formidable leaders in the business arena, navigating the intricate landscape of industry challenges with a combination of sharp technical skills and keen business insight.

My mission is firmly rooted in the transformative journey of developers into eminent business strategists - not just professional growth but also the personal triumph that follows, manifesting as cherished time for family and the freedom to enjoy life’s moments beyond the workspace.

Tracing the Milestones of a Visionary Cloud Architect

Troy Larson: A Career Defined by Innovation and Compassion

Follow the pivotal moments of Troy Larson’s career, showcasing his evolution from software engineer to AWS cloud architect. Key achievements, including the award-winning Pollexy Project, illustrate his dedication to employing technology for both innovation and social benefit.

The File Roller (ASP.NET)
This horribly-named tool allowed developers to deploy their own ASP.NET code between dev and production. The environments were connected via FTP, so the tool had to package up the code and deploy between environments.
Amazon Polly for Windows (Text-to-Speech)

One of the most challenging projects of my career. The Windows Speech API engine typicaly requires voices to be installed locally on the machine. However, Amazon Polly is purely cloud-driven. How can we use Windows SAPI with Amazon Polly?

A revolutionary approach using C++ . . .

Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira

My most “innovative” project to date . . . we were required to do time tracking in Jira.

NorthBot™️ Slack Plugin (Python)

Really fun Slack plugin for our remote team management . . . check-in/check-out, set your status, so many cool features . . .

The Pollexy Project

Special Needs Assistant for my son Calvin

Right after joining AWS, they announced the first annual Science Fair. I spent three months working on this project on my own time

Technologies: Amazon Polly, Python, Raspberry Pi, CloudFormation

Automated Developer Deployments (.NET, MSSQL, VMWare)

LOVED this project . . . development teams were deploying their code manually after merging to the main brain. I created a completely automated deployment process that let developers deploy their own individual branches on demand.

The On-Call Tool (ASP.NET)

While working on the B2C support team at Ford Motor Company for over 800 servers, on-call was hell. The first-level support had no access to the servers, so they could only escalate all hours of the night.

I write an ASP.NET tool that let them run 90% of server operations without needing to escalate.

Graduated from The University of Findlay

Majored in Computer Science and English — yes, English. I loved computers and I loved literature, so why not?

The Pandora Project

My first enterprise project/product–it was EPIC. In the early 2000s, a tool called “Ghost” allowed you to “clone” one computer to another. We tried using this with Windows NT 4, but quickly realized that different machines with different hardware failed miserably.

I built a completely automated process using Turbo C++ and Visual Basic. It supported multiple languages and I travelled all over Europe and North America to manage the deployments. One of the highlights of my career.

Everything in Core, with so much more.

troylarson.com is where high-level training meets the tenacious spirit of CEOs who code. It’s a domain for those who architect their business success through the craft of automation and the strategic use of APIs.

Defining Our Commitment to Your Leadership Journey

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

Coaching, mentorship, and transformation that transcends the basics.

We offer you deep dives into coding and integration, focused on real-world applications that streamline your operations and leverage tools while providing a strategic framework that transfigures your developer acumen into executive prowess, equipping you to navigate the complex journey from developer to commanding CEO.

Your aspirations to lead will not come at the cost of missing life’s treasures. Together, we will harness your potential, amplify your impact, and ensure your personal and professional endeavors are equally rewarding.

Expertise That Transforms: The Signature of Our Credibility

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

I’m a CEO and a developer, just like you. I’ve lived through the challenges and celebrated the victories. My expertise is born from experience and tailored for those ready to level up their tech capabilities.

Your ambition isn’t just to run a business; it’s to lead an automated, efficient, and thriving digital empire.

I’m your strategic partner not just in engineering sophisticated automation but in sculpting your journey from skilled developer to visionary CEO, transforming the core of your operations and your executive potential.

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